Dr. Naismith invented this game that is going into its 130th season. Many love the game but many do not know anything about the game other then the game itself. Basketball was invented to educate the young minds of the Young Men's Christian Association in Springfield, Massachusetts. Back in 1891 on December 21st. @11:30 am is when, then young James Nasmith was instructed to make a game to keep the young men busy during the cold, hard New England winter months. The last day of the two week deadline he had a dream and woke up and said "I GOT IT!"

The rest is history!

We will be reaching out to the world of basketball and to help support us for this event that is extremely important to the world of basketball and to the world that understands the importance of just being thyself!


 December 21st @11:30 a.m. Inside qualified sanctioned gyms across the USA & soon worldwide. Participants will shoot consistent free throws at 11:30 am the time the game was invented & continue until every player has their opportunity to make thier free-throw shot. Every $ raised stays in that gym, to promote basketball & support education in every community.
The N.I.B.F.- S.H.A.W. CHALLENGE - ™